HTML Email

Even with the rise of Facebook and other social media, HTML email is still one of the best ways to directly reach your customers. Your message lands right in the lap (or the inbox) of people that have already expressed interest in your service.

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We use Mail Chimp for sending html email campaigns. Not only does Mail Chimp make the creating and sending process easy, but they also help maintain your sign up list. With CAN-SPAM laws in full effect these days, you'd better be subscribing and unsubscribing addresses properly. Mail Chimp makes it so simple, even a monkey could do it.

South Island Design can create an email template that matches your company's brand. We can even set it all up in Mail Chimp so that you can handle future mailings yourself, if you desire.

If you're ready to start talking directly to your customers with an HTML email campaign, then contact us. You know you want to.