Decadence Day Spa & Salon

Oftentimes one sees testimonials written as a matter of friendship or as a corporate courtesy from one to another rather than on merit warranting justly deserved accolades.

This testimonial is a reflection of the latter. I have been working with Cory (using his services) for over ten years. That’s a pretty long time in today’s ultra fast-paced / “no relationship” kind of world. At the same time, it’s rather simple to understand – his reliability, attention to details, professionalism, knowledge, creativity and a willingness to get the job done right are only a few of the attributes and characteristics that describe Cory and his company. The list as we say, “could go on forever.”

As an owner of several companies, I have always placed 100% faith and trust in Cory’s expertise in designing, creating, executing and hosting our very critical important web sites and email capabilities. I rarely, in fact so rarely I don’t even remember an occurrence, have problems with our sites. I know that Cory stands ready, though, to handle any issue that may ever arise so I sleep peacefully at night.

As a result, South Island Design, provides a service that is…well, As MasterCard would say, “priceless.”

With the highest regards,

Jeffrey A. Christiansen
Chief Executive Officer
REALsmart Marketing, Inc.
CarSmart Marketing, Inc.
Decadence Day Spa & Salon, Inc.

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