About Us

South Island Design is a website design and development company based in Clearwater, Florida. It was incorporated in 2000 by Cory Seymour. By working with colleagues and vendors with talents in the areas of marketing, website design, website development, copywriting and graphic design, we find the best solutions for the project and assemble the team that best fits each individual job.

We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we maintain; for us, it’s not just about finishing a project and collecting payment, it’s about setting up our clients for success. This may mean designing an e-newsletter program that you could update on your own after the first mailing. It could mean avoiding proprietary software, when possible, so you won’t be tied to a program your business may outgrow, become too costly to maintain, or simply don’t like. From our very first project, South Island Design has focused on understanding and caring about what our clients do, so that we can better understand their marketing goals.

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